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CH2M selected as design-build partner for infrastructure projects

The cities of Houston, Texas, and San Jose, California, selected CH2M as their design-build partner for major water projects, the $1.2 billion Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion (NEWPP) project and the $85 million Cogeneration Facility Project, respectively. The NEWPP project is the largest progressive design-build project of its kind in the nation and will be delivered over the next nine years by the Houston Waterworks Team, a joint venture between CH2M and CDM Smith.

CH2M also serves as design-builder for the new Cogeneration Facility at the San José Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility. The facility will provide on-site power and heat, replacing aging cogeneration equipment that has been subject to breakdowns of increasing frequency and severity. This project also uses a Progressive Design-Build approach.

H2O Innovation leases proprietary technology

H2O Innovation Inc. recently secured a leasing contract of its Clearlogx proprietary technology with PGA golf course, Pebble Beach – Carmel Area Wastewater District, California. For a two-year period, the contract will control and optimize the coagulant dosing of a 2 million-gallon-per-day (7,570 m3/day) membrane filtration plant.

NGWA will collaborate with Green Builder Coalition

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) and the Green Builder Coalition signed a two-year agreement for the promotion of sustainable groundwater practices through the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS) program. WERS is a tool developed to help improve residential water use practices. The current NGWA long-range plan has an emphasis on groundwater sustainability, with a specific objective to help address water conservation practices.

WesTech and Cleanergy bring GasBox to U.S.

WesTech is partnering with Cleanergy to bring the Cleanergy GasBox™ Biogas Generator to the U.S. The GasBox generates electricity and heat from biogas using a Stirling engine and requires minimal-to-no gas cleaning. This allows small and mid-size wastewater treatment plants to achieve the power-generating benefits of biogas utilization. The GasBox can also run on biogas with a methane concentration as low as 18 percent, which alleviates the need at larger plants to burn off this biogas with a natural gas supplement.

UV treatment preserves purity of natural spring water

UV-Guard Australia is partnering with Nu-Pure Beverages to ensure their bottled natural spring water is of the highest quality. Nu-Pure Beverages is an Australian owned business that produces bottled spring water and other beverages. Their spring water is sourced from specially selected Australian springs and has a natural balance of minerals. UV-Guard Australia will develop ultraviolet (UV) disinfection units for Nu-Pure’s two manufacturing plants.

American Water participating in study for drinking water safety

Dr. Orren Schneider, manager of Water Technology at American Water recently participated in the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Policy’s (PCAST) new study to help inform action to ensure safe drinking water in the U.S. Schneider joined other experts as well as Federal agencies to look at how contaminants in water are detected and monitored from source to tap, how the associated risks are assessed and remediated, and how information about contaminant concentrations, risks, and remedies is communicated to officials and the public. The results of the study will help inform future action to make sure that all Americans have affordable access to high-quality water.

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