A study on movement between major US cities and metropolitan areas

We’ve heard for years of exorbitant housing prices in large cities such as San Francisco and New York leaving residents to run for more affordable areas with developing economies. However massive growth in these emerging cities is putting pressure on existing residents, forcing them to move elsewhere as well. This study utilizes the most-recent metro-to-metro migration flow data from the American Community Survey and will provide insight into the following questions:

– Metropolitan areas with the most residents staying put and not moving

– Metropolitan areas with the most residents that are moving within the same metro area

– Metropolitan areas with the most residents moving in or out of the area and where they are coming from or leaving to

– Metropolitan areas with the most international residents moving in

Access the Free Dashboard

While this report will provide some high-level insights, I’ve built a free Tableau dashboard that enables you to look into specific migration metrics and filter by metropolitan area, population, and in-state vs out-of-state migration. Take a look at the free Migration Patterns Dashboard here.

Movers From Abroad

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